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Drainfield Inspection

Looking for drainfield companies in & near Lakeland? As a licensed and insured central Florida septic contractor, our experts are thoroughly experienced with the ins and outs of tanks and drainfields of all varieties. It’s essential that all parts of the septic system are working efficiently to avoid any problems.

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How Does a Drainfield Work?

The drainfield (also called a leach field or absorption field) is where wastewater goes once it leaves the septic tank, entering a series of perforated pipes to get further filtered. The soil underneath these pipes has been specially tested and prepared to receive the water as the last stage of the purification process.

Soil naturally removes harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that are harmful to humans and eventually it becomes completely purified and re-enters the groundwater below.

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Common Problems with Drainfields

Unfortunately there are a lot of things that can go wrong with the absorption field that can turn out to be huge headaches for homeowners.

Inspecting Drain fields for problem in and near Lakeland

Some Drainfield Complications Can Include:

Symptoms of Underlying Problems

Since the conventional septic system generally lies underground, it’s not easy to figure out what is going on without a more detailed look by a professional.

Here are a few symptoms that the drainfield may be having an issue:

Getting a Drainfield Inspection

Wondering if you need an inspection? A company like Septic & Drainfield Depot can help diagnose and repair any drainfield problems that may be impeding the function of your system.

When to Get a Drainfield Inspection


You’re planning on buying or selling a home

There’s nothing that will cause more headaches for you than a problematic septic system that wasn’t properly evaluated before purchasing a home. A full inspection will be able to identify any malfunctioning components or potential future issues.

Getting an inspection done before listing your home will also provide an attractive bonus for potential homebuyers that the house is free and clear of any septic dilemmas!


It’s been a long time

If you’ve never had the tank and drainfield inspected, it’s time to put it on your schedule. Regular inspections can prevent any catastrophes and costly repairs from being a financial burden.


You’re getting the tank pumped

If it’s time to get your regular pumping service, it’s a great time to get an inspection as well. We recommend an inspection at least every three years which often correlates with maintenance and pumping schedules. While we’re at your home, we can do both!

Don’t wait until it’s too late and there’s already signs of trouble to get a septic inspection. If it’s been a few years, the best thing to do is call now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be able to find the problem when you come out to inspect my drainfield?

Our technicians are highly experienced in all septic-related issues. With a thorough inspection, we should be able to identify the cause of your tank or drainfield problems.

How long does an inspection take?

This can vary depending on what’s going on with your system or how complex it is. You can plan on anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours as a general rule of thumb.

Lakeland Drainfield Specialists

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