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Septic and Drainfield Permits

Permitting for onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems (aka septic systems) are regulated and distributed by the Florida Department of Health.

To obtain a permit, an application will need to be filled out and submitted with the proper information including:

Florida Health
Florida Health

Online applications can be found at:

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Site Evaluation

Along with the application, a site evaluation must be performed by a professional specifically authorized to handle the evaluation. The county health department can perform the site evaluation for a fee, or we can assist you in finding a qualified professional. In general, going through the health department tends to be the easiest way for our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a site evaluation?

There are several things that are looked at during an evaluation, such as estimated sewage flow, elevation information, flood information, water table measurements, drain field configuration, and other criteria.

One of the most important assessments will be identifying the soil profile. The assessor will need to ensure the proposed absorption area soil is tested down to a minimum of six feet below ground. Using specific USDA guidelines, the professional will test the soil for its ability to percolate wastewater.

How much will the permit cost?

Once the application, site plans, and site evaluation have all been completed and submitted to the health department, the permit fee will be calculated based on the type of system and construction needs that are required for your specific property.

Why does the Florida Department of Health handle septic systems?

As you can imagine, septic systems play a crucial role in processing human waste. That wastewater will eventually end up in the soil and purified to the point it will be safe for human consumption. This process is extremely important and must be carried out properly for public safety. The state has strict requirements and standards for septic systems and contractors.

Health Department Contact Info:

Headquarters - Onsite Sewage Program

Polk County Septic Permitting Office

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