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Septic Questions You Should Know

6 Frequently Asked Septic Questions

Do you find yourself wondering when to call on a septic tank service for an inspection? If you live in Lakeland, Florida, and you plan on selling your home with a septic tank or plan on buying a home with a septic tank, the time to call for an septic inspection is now. 

Here are 6 frequently asked septic questions to help you better understand the job of a Lakeland septic company and why you might need to call one ASAP.

Question #1: What Does a Septic Tank Inspector Do?


A septic tank inspector arrives on your property to deliver a full inspection of your septic tank. This individual will inspect all the components that make up the tank, including the water-tight container, and any pumps and floating devices the system employs. 

Question #2: How Does a Septic Tank Work?


Around one in five homes in the United States has a septic system. Many homeowners who have one don’t know how they work. 

Instead of being hooked up to the municipal sewer system, these homes have septic tanks, which is responsible for removing the solid and liquid waste from the building where the homeowner and family live.

When the septic tank is working properly, it sends water and waste from the home to the tank through an inlet pipe. The waste can come from the washing machine, shower, toilets, and sinks inside the home. The system then redistributes that waste into the ground through a series of filtration systems. The entire process is a beautiful demonstration of engineering that helps to decrease water and soil pollution. 

Question #3: What Happens to the Waste Inside a Septic Tank?


The waste pumped into a septic tank is fed upon by bacteria, which breaks the material down. The broken down material is significantly smaller in volume, though all that sludge can build up. That’s when emptying the septic tank becomes necessary.

Question #4: When Should You Schedule a Lakeland Septic Inspection?


According to many experts, you should plan to have your septic tank inspected once every three to five years. Most homeowners coordinate their inspections to match the time when their septic tanks require pumping. Pumping the septic tank, which is necessary for removing the sludge inside, can keep your tank healthy and working correctly. 

Plan to have your septic tank pumped once every two years. If your tank sees heavy use or is on the smaller size, you might want to schedule annual inspections and septic tank pumping to be on the safe side.

Question #5: What if You Delay the Pumping or Inspection of Your Septic Tank?


Despite what the experts recommend, many homeowners go five years or longer to have their septic tanks inspected. Some wait until something goes wrong to call the experts for help. 

Not going by a regular schedule can cost you, which brings us to our final question. 

Question #6: How Much Does a Septic Tank Inspection Cost?


Septic inspection fees vary depending on the level of detail required and size of the tank. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay $300 to $600 for a regular inspection. 

Not having your tank inspected regularly can be even more costly. A new system can cost as much as $25,000 by comparison. 

Ready to Have Your Septic Tank Inspected in Lakeland?

Call a Lakeland septic tank inspector to help your system last as long as possible. A septic tank can last as long as 25 years or more. Having a regular inspection can extend that time and keep your tank in good working order. Contact Septic & Drainfield Depot for a free estimate.

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