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Lift Station Installers

What Exactly Is a Lift Station?

With a gravity-fed septic system, natural forces of gravity move waste from one part of wastewater processing to the next without the need for pumps. When low elevation points don’t allow for gravity to carry waste to the next stage, however, lift stations are needed to handle the job.

A lift station sits at a low point underground and pumps sewage back to a higher elevation to move it along and allow for proper drainage. These stations are very practical and crucial to a well-functioning septic system when they are present.

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Lift Station Components

Lift stations are made up of various working parts that all work together efficiently to collect wastewater and move it to the next section of processing.

These parts include:

Lift stations need to maintain specific quality standards to work efficiently and effectively. All these standards will greatly reduce the chance of malfunction and the need for repairs.

Installing new lift installation in Lakeland

Quality Standards:

The pump’s capacity must match accurately with the volume of waste being accepted and treated

A licensed Lakeland lift station installation company understands the importance of meeting high quality standards and ensuring home and business owners don’t run into serious sewage problems. Only a certified and insured septic company should install and replace your system with the appropriate experience and expertise.

Types of Lift Stations

There are two main types of lift stations available for installation:

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Lift Station Installation

If you’re unsure about how well your sewage ejector system is working or feel it may need to be replaced, it’s time to give us a call! One of our technicians will perform a detailed inspection and determine if your system needs maintenance, repairs or a full replacement.

From pre-engineered pumps to custom designed systems, our professionals are here to handle any lift station needs and answer all your questions during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your company handle other septic issues other than lift station pump installation?

Yes. We are a fully licensed and insured septic contractor serving Lakeland and central Florida. From tank installation, repairs and maintenance to full excavations and drainfield issues, there’s nothing our team can’t handle.

Will my new home septic system need a lift station?

It depends. If the house has a basement or is built up against a large hill, you’ll likely need some sort of sewage ejector system.

What is the difference between a “duplex” and “simplex” lift station?

As the name suggests, a duplex setup has two pumps compared to just a single pump in a simplex lift station. The pumps alternate so both get used equally. Another benefit to two pumps is in the event one fails, you’ll have a backup to keep things running until the broken one can get repaired.

How much does installation and replacement cost?

The cost of a new station will be impacted by several factors such as the type of lift station, size, and the labor required to install it. Small residential units are a fraction of the cost of massive commercial systems.

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