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Lift Station Maintenance

What Is the Function of a Lift/ Pump Station?

Normally, gravity keeps sewage or wastewater moving along the processing steps until it has successfully been purified. Sometimes a septic system may reach areas of low elevation where gravity cannot move the sewage to the next phase.

A lift station pumps wastewater from an area of low elevation to high elevation.

There are various parts to pump stations including wet wells, pumps, piping, float controls, alarm systems, and more.

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Why Is it Necessary to Maintain Your Lift/ Pump Station?

The pump and its electrical components and controls are continuously exposed to stress and environments that can easily cause damage to the system. Hiring a septic contractor to perform routine preventative maintenance will ultimately save you money in the long run and extend the life of your pump. Depending on the size of the station, repairs and replacements can cost thousands of dollars.

Steps Involved in Normal Maintenance

Part of our maintenance includes the following steps:

STEP 1: Review manufacturer maintenance guidelines and recommended schedules

STEP 2: Checking valves and pressure gauges for blockages, wear, and clogs from excess debris

STEP 3: Replacing/adding lubricants to the check valves

STEP 4: Checking impellers for wear and debris

STEP 5: Check for grease and soap accumulation

STEP 6: Lift station pumping which involves pumping out and cleaning the wet well to prevent and remove buildup

STEP 7: Inspect all of the electrical components to ensure they are all in working order

STEP 8: Check for poor connections and worn parts

STEP 9: Check the alarm system for any issues

STEP 10: Jetting and cleaning all collection system pipes

Lift station failure due to poor maintenance is not something to take lightly. In the event of failure, wastewater will start to back up in the wet well and subsequently into the collection system. This could result in waste backup into homes and businesses or the surrounding areas.

The maintenance of a pump station is crucial due to its complexity and size. The cost to rehabilitate an existing system is substantial — potentially anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. With the proper maintenance, you can avoid costly fixes and replacements and keep your system running smoothly. Contact us for an estimate on repairs or installation.

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Biggest Risks to Lift/Pump Stations

Because stations are installed in high stress operating environments, they are constantly subjected to corrosion risks. This is why it is so critical to seek out regular maintenance to prevent damaging corrosion.

Two Biggest Corrosion Factors

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a pump run adequately before it needs to be replaced?

Depending on the type of pump, whether it is part of a wet or dry well system, and how much wear and tear is placed on it, some lift station pumps will last longer than others. It’s hard to predict due to the variability in equipment and the environment. Regular maintenance will help extend the life of the pump.

How often does a lift station need maintenance?

Whether you have a small sewage ejector system or are in charge of a larger commercial unit, all stations need maintenance. We follow manufacturer’s guidelines on all parts and components. Frequency can range from weekly to monthly or semi annually.

Can Septic & Drainfield Depot service any lift station?

Our Lakeland septic company serves all of central Florida and can service a wide variety of lift/pump stations by performing regular maintenance and repairs.

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