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Septic Lift Stations

What Exactly Is a Lift Station?

While a majority of wastewater is collected from homes and businesses via a gravity system through large pipes, lift stations collect water at a lower point in the collection system and pump it to the next phase of the treatment system.

Sometimes called pump stations (although pump stations are meant to raise water vs. sewage to higher elevation), lift stations can be used when it would make more sense economically or when they are the most practical solution. They can be made of epoxy-coated steel, concrete, or fiberglass. Contact a septic company near you in Lakeland for more information!

The Components of a Lift Station

Lift Station Services

Septic Lift Station Cost

The maintenance of a pump station is crucial due to its complexity and size. The cost to rehabilitate an existing system is substantial — potentially anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. With the proper maintenance, you can avoid costly fixes and replacements and keep your system running smoothly. Contact us for an estimate on your residential or commercial lift station in & near Lakeland.

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