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Pools & Septic Systems: What You Need to Know

A swimming pool can be a great addition to your home, especially if you live in an area like Florida where it can be used for a good portion of the year. Pools can provide relaxation and entertainment, add beauty to your home, and increase your property value.

However, if you are considering adding a pool to your property – or if you already have one – it is important to understand the potential effects if your home also has a septic system. Knowing what to expect can help ensure that your septic system remains in good condition and that you and your family are able to enjoy your pool without any worries.

Pools and Septic Systems Are Not Incompatible

There are over 10.4 million residential pools in the US alone, with Florida and California accounting for about 40% of those, according to Pool Magazine. Considering that almost 25% of US homes have septic systems, it is easy to see that pools and septic systems are not incompatible.

It is worth noting, however, that having both a pool and a septic system does require some conscious maintenance from the homeowner in order to ensure that the two entities work well together. This could involve regularly checking the chemicals in your pool or investing in a septic tank pump-out every few years. Taking these small steps can help your property to be both beautiful and functioning smoothly at all times.

Types of Pools

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of pools: above-ground and in-ground. Both can be installed if your home has a septic system, though you must be aware of certain considerations for each type.

Since in-ground pools are installed directly into the ground, they have a greater potential effect on your plumbing and septic system than an above-ground pool. This is due to the fact that an in-ground pool requires more excavation work for installation, as well as being connected to your home’s existing plumbing and septic systems.

Installing an Above-Ground Pool

For above-ground pools, the guidelines are fairly straightforward:

  • Follow local building requirements for the required distance between the pool and the septic system.
  • Do not place the pool or any of its components (e.g., filter, pump, pool deck) on the drainfield, near the septic tank, or on top of buried septic pipes.
  • Try to take into account what will happen if the pool should develop a leak. Chlorinated water leaking from the pool could drain into the leach field if the pool is situated uphill.
  • Consider that pools are often a place for children to play, both in and near. Try to locate the pool in a spot where they will not be trampling the soil in the septic drain field since the compaction could cause problems.
  • If you need to drain the pool, do not do so near the drainfield. This could cause oversaturation, which can result in septic backups and the need for septic tank services.
above ground pool in Lakeland

Installing an In-Ground Pool

The installation process for in-ground pools can be quite a bit more complicated.

  • Most localities have building code requirements about in-ground pool installation that include the minimum distance from the components of your septic system. This is typically around 20 – 30 feet. As part of obtaining a permit, you will likely be required to provide details about where the pool is to be located in relation to the home, the septic tank, the drainfield, and the underground septic pipes.
  • It is also important to take into consideration where (if) vehicles need access to your property to service the pool or septic system. Even during the installation of a new pool, you cannot have large bulldozers and trucks driving back and forth over the components of the septic system.
  • During the installation, be sure that all the parts of your septic system are clearly marked above ground, so that the pool installers do not accidentally cause damage.
  • In some cases, installing an in-ground pool might require relocating the septic tank or even the drainfield. This is a significant undertaking with considerable costs associated, but it may be the only option for your specific property.

Pool Maintenance and Septic Systems

There are a few things to keep in mind when you have a pool and septic system, including proper maintenance and care.

Regular Maintenance is Critical

Regular maintenance needs to be implemented with both the pool and the septic system. The pH and alkalinity of the water in the swimming pool should be checked on a regular basis, as well as the filter system, to ensure that your pool remains clean and safe to use. Just be sure to avoid cleaning the filter over the drainfield to prevent washing chlorinated water and debris into the system.

In addition, regular inspections, cleaning, and pumping will help your septic system function properly without any damage occurring to it or other components of your landscape. Remembering these simple tips will allow you to enjoy your pool while also protecting your septic system from issues or problems that can arise from improper care or maintenance.

A man installing pool near septic tank in Lakeland

Yes, You Can Have a Pool With a Septic System!

Pools are fun additions for homeowners who want to beat the heat during the summer months. However, if you have a septic system it is important that you understand how pools may affect them over time due to increased water usage. Fortunately, by taking proper steps such as performing regular maintenance checks and having inspections done by professionals periodically, homeowners can ensure their pools remain safe while keeping their septic systems running smoothly too. With these tips in mind, everyone can enjoy their backyard oasis without any worries!

Septic Service In & Near Lakeland

Septic and Drainfield Depot can help you prepare your property for the installation of a pool by mapping out the location of your septic system components. As a licensed and fully insured septic company in the state of Florida, we can also provide any other septic services you need. 

When you need a septic company in and near Lakeland, contact the septic professionals at Septic and Drainfield Depot.

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