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Reduce septic services costs

Save Money on Your Next Septic Service

Septic system service is an unavoidable part of having an on-site septic management system. Homeowners often neglect their septic system, thinking that septic services like septic tank pumping or septic tank cleaning are not necessary until there is a problem.

The mistake with this thought process is that waiting until there is an obvious issue can mean that you have foregone easier (and less expensive) options to ensure that the septic system is functioning optimally. Of course, every homeowner wants to spend the least amount possible on their septic system, so here are a few tips for saving money on your next septic service.

Regular Septic Inspections

First and foremost, have a septic inspection periodically to address any minor problems before they become serious issues. Some septic professionals do inspections at no charge, but even if there is a cost an inspection could ultimately save money by catching problems early.

Keep Accurate Records

Keep a record of inspections, septic tank service, and any septic system repairs. These will be useful if septic work is needed in the future.

Set up a Septic Maintenance Schedule

Set up a schedule for getting your septic system serviced and inspected. It is easy to forget about your septic system because it is out of sight, but waiting until there is a problem is a recipe for expensive bills later.

Address Septic Issues Immediately

Contact a professional septic company if you notice anything that could indicate a problem with your septic system. This includes:

  • Nasty odors
  • Gurgling sounds coming from drains
  • Toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, or laundry machines backing up
  • Slow drains
  • Water pooling in the yard that is not from rainfall or irrigation
  • Exceptionally green plant growth near the septic tank or drainfield
Problem of home drains

Follow Septic System Guidelines

Follow recommended guidelines for septic systems.

  • Don’t flush oil or grease, because they can build up and cause clogs.
  • Don’t flush harsh chemicals like paint thinner or gasoline because they can kill or impede the functioning of the bacteria in the septic tank that help break down waste.
  • Don’t flush prescription or over the counter medication because they can have a negative impact on the septic tank bacteria.
  • Don’t flush anything other than human waste; no wipes, diapers, cigarette butts, condoms, feminine hygiene products, cat litter, or paper towels. Any of these can cause clogs in pipes leading into or out of the septic tank.
  • Don’t put fibrous materials into the garbage disposal, since these can bond together and create obstacles for the wastewater to flow through the system.
  • Don’t overload the system with too much water at once by monitoring usage throughout the home. Consider everything from the length of showers to the number of residents and how frequently laundry is done.
  • Don’t park or drive on or near the septic tank, septic pipes, or drainfields because the pressure can compact the soil, cracking tanks or pipes or minimizing the effectiveness of drainfields.
  • Don’t build sheds, play yards, or decks above the septic system. In addition to compacting the soil, structures can make working on septic systems challenging.
  • Don’t grow trees or large plants near the system because their roots can crack pipes or tanks, and they can cause drainfield failure by preventing the proper treatment of wastewater.
  • Don’t use septic system additives unless they are recommended by a septic professional. Commercially available septic additives often do nothing at best or cause septic tank problems at worst. A septic professional can use specific enzyme additives if needed.

Minimize Labor Costs When Septic Work Is Needed

Keep the septic tank cover accessible. If you need septic tank service, less time will be required if the septic professionals can easily find and get access to your septic tank.

A properly functioning septic system is critical. While no one wants to spend money needlessly on septic services, following the steps above can help minimize the expense when you need the services of a septic company.

Minimize septic company services cost

What Do Septic Services Cost?

There are several factors that influence the cost for septic services.

Some septic system contractors offer free septic inspections that will provide an evaluation of how well your system is functioning and whether any repairs, sewer tank pumping, or septic tank cleaning are needed.

The size of the septic tank affects the cost of pumping, cleaning, or new septic tank installation.

The time since the last septic pumping can influence how full the septic tank is, and, accordingly, the cost.

The age of the septic system can be a factor, since some older septic systems do not have risers to make septic work more accessible.

The location of the septic system is a consideration, both in terms of general geography (is it difficult to get to?) and where it is located on a property.

Septic tank pumping is one of the most common services that septic professionals provide, since it is a routine service that needs to be done on a regular basis. A typical pump-out of a septic tank can take up to five hours. Other services, like drainfield repair, lift station maintenance, or septic alarm work will vary in the time required and the cost depending on the specific situation.

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With a reputation as one of Lakeland and central Florida’s top septic contractors, Septic and Drainfield Depot can meet all your septic system needs, from septic tank installation to inspections and repairs.

We are licensed and fully insured, and our experienced septic professionals are always up to date with the latest septic techniques.

We service Lakeland, Winter Haven, and other areas throughout central Florida. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deal with any emergency situations.

Septic and Drainfield Depot is pleased to offer septic financing for septic tank or other installation projects. Because we know that septic needs often arise unexpectedly and cannot be delayed, our quick and easy financing options generally fund within one to five business days. Septic financing loans offer stress-free, predictable monthly payments without tapping into your home’s equity.

Contact Septic and Drainfield Depot today for a free septic estimate.

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