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Lakeland Septic Tank Contractor

Septic & Drainfield Depot is central Florida’s leading septic company with years of expertise and hands on experience to properly diagnose and resolve any septic issues you may have from your tank to the drain field.

Our company is both licensed by the health department of the state of Florida and insured to protect the customers we serve.

How a Septic Tank Works Step by Step

STEP 1: All the waste from your home (anything that gets introduced into the drains) gets carried via a central pipe from your home to the underground septic tank.

STEP 2: Solids float to the bottom of the tank and become the “sludge” layer. Bacteria digest this sludge and keep things in check.

STEP 3: While solids are floating to the bottom, fats, grease, and oils float on top of the effluent (wastewater) layer.

STEP 4: The effluent layer is then discharged into a series of long perforated pipes that slowly release the water into the soil below. As the water trickles through the sand, dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants are filtered out and the effluent eventually becomes purified and safe for drinking. It eventually reaches the groundwater supply.

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Do You Have a Septic Tank?

If you’re unsure about having a septic system on your property, there are a few ways to tell:

Locating the Septic System

There are a few ways to identify the location of the system on your property

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Common Septic Tank Problems You May Encounter

It’s important to stay diligent as a homeowner in watching out for problems with your tank to prevent major damage. Here are a few of the common ones we see:













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Signs that May Indicate Septic Problems

If you’re experiencing any of the following signs, call us as soon as possible.

  • Backup of wastewater into your home through the drains
  • Bright, healthy, lush grass around the drain field area
  • Unusual foul odors in your yard
  • Sluggish flushing in your toilets
  • Slow draining sinks, showers, and tubs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can work on a septic system in Florida?

Per the state of Florida, only a homeowner, licensed plumber, or registered septic tank contractor can perform septic work. Never hire a company outside of these two categories. A handyman is not trained and certified to work on your system.

What’s the difference between hiring a plumber vs. a septic company?

Plumbers are trained in handling specific plumbing issues. A septic contractor has much more refined experience in all elements of a septic system and how they work relative to each other. We highly recommend seeking out a septic professional for your tank or drain field vs. a plumber.

Do I need a permit for a septic system?

Yes. More information can be found from the Florida Health Department on proper permitting requirements.

What are septic tanks made of?

The most common materials are fiberglass, concrete, and polyethylene. These materials are durable and are able to handle the demands of your household waste products.

What is okay to put into the septic tank?

Only paper products specifically designed for your system like toilet paper are okay to put down the drain. Harsh detergents, paper towels, oils, and other chemicals are harmful and may cause problems.

Do you provide emergency septic tank services?

Absolutely. We understand that emergencies and urgent matters don’t just arise during daylight, which is why you can call our number 24/7 for a prompt response.