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Why Is a Septic Inspection Important When Buying a Home?

More than 1 in 5 homes in North America have a septic system on the property to dispose of wastewater. When you buy a new property, it’s very important to get the septic system inspected by a licensed septic company before you make the purchase. It’s important that you find out about any issues with the system ahead of time so that you can address them.

A new septic system is very costly. If you are purchasing a home that has issues with the septic tank, you may be able to negotiate it into the price of the home or get the seller to pay for it in your sale agreement.

If you need a septic inspection on your entire septic system (or any part of it) call Septic & Drainfield Depot. We are Lakeland’s premier septic experts. We know the ins and outs of this complex draining system and we can help to diagnose or repair any issues, or replace certain parts when necessary. Give us a call today!

How Does a Septic System Work?

Your septic system is the way that your home disposes and processes waste water. When you use a septic system, all of your drains lead to a central pipe in the home that goes into the septic tank. In the tank, the right levels of certain bacteria allow the waste water and other materials to breakdown and flow directly into your drainfield.

The septic tank is connected to the drainfield via some type of distribution method. Your drainfield is built to allow the wastewater to breakdown even further. Below the drainfield is a layer of sand and rock that acts as a filter for the waste water.

There is a lot that goes on within a home’s septic system and there are a lot of moving parts. It’s easy to see why it can be expensive to fix the entire system. Some parts are less expensive to fix. Keeping up with regular, routine septic system maintenance and septic pumping can help you to keep your septic system in great condition.

Common Issues with a Septic System

When you are buying a home with a septic tank, you should hire a professional septic company to come out and inspect it for you. Many companies will offer free estimates or free septic inspections with no obligation to use them for services if you need repairs.

There are some common issues that many septic professionals see over and over. These are a few common issues that you should be aware of.

Solving septic problems
  • Too Much Solid Waste: The septic system can only handle so much solid waste at one time. Flushing and draining too much solid waste essentially makes it so the bacteria can’t keep up with breaking down the waste.
  • Dumping Medications: Medications that have been flushed down the drain can throw off the balance of your septic tank and kill the bacteria that breaks down waste.
  • Flushed Foreign Items: Nothing side from waste and toilet paper should go down any drain in your home. Be cautious of grease going down the drain and don’t flush anything more than toilet paper.

If the bacteria is off in your septic tank, there are additives that can help restore the pH levels of your system. However, once it is past the point of being repairable, you may have to get an entirely new tank.

What Do Septic Inspections Look for?

When you have a professional technician come onsite to do a septic inspection, there are certain things that they will want to look for. These are the points of each inspection.

They look at…

  • When the tank was last inspected and pumped (exact date)
  • The sludge level to ensure it does not take up for than one-third of the tank
  • The distance from the septic tank and drainfield to wells or other natural water sources
  • Whether or not your system is able to handle the load from your home
  • Whether or not the capacity of your tank is too low
  • Riser lids to check for damage or cracks
  • Baffle connections to make sure they are secure
  • Drain lines

When your septic company looks at each of these parts of the system, they will be able to come to a conclusion about the integrity of your tank. If they find anything alarming, they may recommend an entirely new system.

Checking these points before you actually go through with the purchase of your home will ensure that you have a healthy, functioning septic system. However, if you choose not to get a septic inspection, you may be hit with unwelcome surprises and expenses.

Septic tanks inspection

How to Get a Septic Inspection

If you are getting ready to purchase a home and you want to get your septic tank inspected, contact Septic & Drainfield Depot today! We are the experts at septic systems in Lakeland and central Florida. We know exactly what to look for and how to diagnose problems and recommend solutions.

Servicing and inspecting your septic system are two tasks that are generally not on the top of your to-do lists. But we can assure you that regular inspections and septic tank maintenance from our crew will result in fewer headaches and more savings over the long run.

We have years of experience in construction, septic, and other service-based industries, making us a distinct choice for a septic company in Lakeland. Our dedication to transparent pricing and inspections along with our desire to always exceed your expectations helps us serve you best. We aim to educate our customers on everything we find so you can make an informed decision on your end.

You can trust us to help you get your septic tank back to fully functioning order. We will tell you exactly what to do in order to keep your tank in the best shape possible. Your septic system is a vital part of your home’s functionality. So it’s very important that you keep it in good condition with regular septic system cleaning, pumping, and inspection.

Call us today to schedule a FREE estimate and inspection!

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