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What to Know about Septic System Inspection

Your septic system should be inspected at least once per year and again if you have noticed anything that needs to be looked at. During the inspection, your certified septic inspector will look for a number of things to determine the health of your system. 

Among other things, they will want to ensure that the sludge is at proper levels, the tank has received regular inspections and pumpings, and whether or not it has the capacity to hold the load from your house. 
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How Your Septic System Works

Your septic system is the way that your home disposes of waste. All of your waste goes out of your home through the drainage system. Then it all collects and goes down one central drain which goes into the septic tank.

Once the waste has been drained into the septic tank, your tank will work to break it down. The way your system breaks down waste is with certain chemicals and bacteria levels.

Points of a Septic System Inspection

When you have a professional technician come onsite to do a septic inspection, there are certain things that they will look for.

Date of Last Inspection and Pumping

It is important to keep track of all your inspections and pumping services. When your technician comes on-site to do your inspection, they will want to look at this information to ensure that too much time has not passed since the last servicing.

Check Sludge Levels

They will also look at your sludge levels to ensure it does not take up more than one-third of the tank. Keeping the sludge at the recommended levels will allow your tank to process the wastewater better than if there was too much. If there is too much sludge in your tank, you run the risk of clogging it or creating a bacterial imbalance.

Distance from Tank and Drainfield to Natural Water Sources

This is important because there must be at least 50 feet between your tank and the natural water source. Most water sources in rural areas are wells. So you would just need to make sure your tank is 50 feet from your well.

Tank and drainfield

Whether Your System Can Handle the Load from Your Home

When you install your septic system, the installers should put in a tank that can hold the load from your home. For example, the industry average load from a 3 bedroom home is 1,000 gallons, so your septic tank should be able to hold at least that much.

Whether or Not the Capacity of Your Tank is too Low

Your certified septic inspector will want to make sure that your tank still has enough capacity left to continue collecting the wastewater from your home. If your tank is too small to hold any more waste, you run the risk of causing damage to your drainfield by overworking it.

Riser Lids to Check for Damage or Cracks

Septic tank riser lids allow you to access your septic system from the ground level. Cracks or damage can leave your septic tank vulnerable to weather and other external factors. When your septic technician inspects your tank, they will want to make sure your riser lid is in good condition.

Making Sure Drain Lines Are Functioning Properly

Your inspectors will want to make sure that your drain lines are functioning properly. If they are not, there is a chance there could be a malfunction in your septic system when wastewater tries to move from the tank to the drainfield. If your drain lines are not functioning properly, your inspector will recommend that you get repairs as soon as possible.

When you have a professional company check all these things for you, you will feel more confident that you have a healthy and well-functioning septic system. However, if you choose not to get a septic inspection, you may be hit with unwelcome surprises and costs.

How to Start the Septic Inspection Process

Call Septic & Drainfield Depot of Lakeland today for a free septic inspection and estimate. Our team of expert technicians has many years of experience in construction, septic, and other service-based industries, making us a distinct choice for a septic company in Lakeland.

Our dedication to transparent pricing and inspections along with our desire to always exceed your expectations helps us serve you best. We aim to educate our customers on everything we find so you can make an informed decision on your end.

You can trust us to help you get your septic tank back to fully functioning order. We will tell you exactly what to do in order to keep your tank in the best shape possible. Your septic system is a vital part of your home’s functionality. So it’s very important that you keep it in good condition with regular septic system cleanings, pumpings, and inspections.

Call us today to schedule an inspection now!

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